Picture of NFL TV Schedule logo. How is the NFL TV Schedule made and what goes into make the TV Schedule.
How is the NFL TV Schedule made? Games are set based off prime-time matchups for Sunday Night and Monday night football.

The NFL plans to release the 2023 NFL schedule on May 11. The league usually waits until May, as that is when all major trades and free agent signings have been completed.

With all NFL trades and signings completed this allows the NFL to schedule prime-time games which are typically Sunday Night games on ESPN and TSN and Monday Night Football.

How is the NFL schedule made

The NFL schedule is produced by the league’s scheduling department, which is responsible for determining the dates, times, and locations of all games. The process of creating the schedule is a complex one that takes several months to complete and involves numerous factors, including team locations, travel logistics, stadium availability, television broadcast schedules, and competitive balance.

The process of creating the schedule typically begins in January or February, shortly after the previous season has ended. The league first determines which teams will play each other based on a predetermined rotation, which ensures that each team will play every other team in its conference and division at least once every four years. The league also schedules inter-conference games on a rotating basis.

Once the matchups are determined, the scheduling department begins to assign specific dates and times to each game. The process of scheduling the games involves a number of considerations, including minimizing travel for teams, avoiding scheduling conflicts with other events, and ensuring that the most popular games are scheduled for prime time television slots.

Want to see when your favorite NFL team plays on TV? View the 2023 NFL TV schedule to see all matchups.

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