Aaron Jones contract restructure
Instead of being released, Aaron Jones will be staying in Green Bay this season after reaching an agreement on an $11 million salary for the 2023 season.

Aaron Jones wants to stay with the Green Bay Packers so he has agreed to restructure his contract to be with the team for another two years.

Jones agreed on the pay cut to provide the team with some additional salary cap space. Jones cut his pay by $5 million in exchange for a signing bonus of $8.52 million as part of his total pay of $11 million for the 2023 NFL season.

The restructure will save the Packers almost $12 million on the salary cap in 2023.

Jones is widely considered to be one of the best running backs in the NFL, and he has been a key part of the Packers’ offense in recent years.

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What are Packers Fans saying about the Aaron Jones contract?

Aaron Jones is a special player. He’s no Barry Sanders, but he makes Barry Sanders-like moves. That’s rare.

I’m a Bears fan but even I believe this was the right decision. Dude is a beast. Very underrated.

Damn shame they don’t utilize Jones to commensurate to what they pay him. He’s a stud.

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