How to watch the Broncos vs Chiefs on TV today.
Catch the Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs live on CBS or stream on Paramount+, NFL+, or NFL Sunday Ticket on Oct 29, 2023. Taylor Swift attending!

Are you geared up for the electrifying NFL encounter between Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs on TV today? Or are you just curious if the cameras will focus on Taylor Swift?

If you’re pondering over how to watch the game, we’ve got you covered. The Broncos will host the Chiefs at Empower Field at Mile High at 4:25 p.m. ET​​. Here’s how you can catch the action:

  1. On Television:
    • If you’re in Denver or Kansas City, tune into CBS to watch the game live​​.
  2. Streaming Options:
    • Local Streaming: Paramount+ or NFL+ are your go-to platforms for streaming the game locally​​.
    • Out-of-Market Streaming: NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube or YouTube TV is the option for those outside the Denver or Kansas City market​​.
  3. Taylor Swift’s Attendance:
    • Now, onto some celebrity watch! Taylor Swift is expected to grace the game. There is no guarantee on how many times she will be shown on the TV screen.

So grab your snacks, pick your viewing platform, and get ready for an NFL Sunday filled with action, competition, and a sprinkle of star presence with Taylor Swift in the stands!

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