Picture of Jimmy Garoppolo. He will be ready for training camp after having surgery on his foot.
Jimmy Garoppolo has surgery on his foot back in March. Reports are he will be ready for Las Vegas Raiders training camp.

NFL news is coming out that Las Vegas Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo has surgery on his foot back in March.

Garoppolo signed a 3-year deal with the Raiders back in March and it appears team management knew about his injured foot and are confident he will come back healthy when the NFL season starts.

“He’s going through his process just like we knew he would, nothing has happened that would surprise us based on the information we had.”

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels

Garoppolo suffered his foot injury in Week 13 when he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

He is expected to be ready for training camp when it starts up in July.

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What are Raider fans saying about the Jimmy Garoppolo injury?

Why he didn’t get surgery during the season don’t make sense cause even if they won the NFCCG it’s no way he thought he was playing in the superbowl.

This is not the start the Raiders were hoping for with their new QB. Here’s to a speedy recovery for Garoppolo so he can show his true potential on the field!

He is too good looking to be an NFL player.

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