Will Jimmy Garoppolo sign with the New York Jets?
Will the New York Jets end up signing Jimmy Garoppolo after Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr pass on the Jets?

The way Brock Purdy played after Jimmy Garoppolo injured his foot and was deemed out for the season has made Purdy the future QB of the San Francisco 49ers and likely prevents Garoppolo from re-signing with the 49ers.

Garoppolo played well for the 49ers when he was healthy which will earn him a new contract with another team.

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Will the New York Jets sign Jimmy Garoppolo?

Aaron Rodgers had been rumored to being traded to the New York Jets, Derek Carr is visiting the Jets to see if he see’s a fit with the team, but NFL rumors are leaning towards the NY Jets signing Jimmy G.

Matt Bowen of ESPN feels Jimmy Garoppolo is the perfect fit for the NY Jets. He would make the Jets better from an offensive perspective under new coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

Jimmy G completed 67.2% of his passes — with 16 touchdown passes and 4 INTs — in his 11 games

What do NY Jets fans say about a Jimmy Garoppolo contract?

Jimmy G’s best fit is not the New York Jets. It’s the Raiders or Tampa.

Whole staff will be fired if Jimmy G is signed and hurt within weeks as a Jet

Terrible signing if it’s Jimmy. Dude can’t stay healthy and can’t push it down field. He’s good but isn’t moving the needle. And if he gets hurt people are getting fired. No one in the front office is signing on for that.

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