Cam Reddish trade Lakers
The New York Knicks are looking to trade small forward Cam Reddish for a second round pick. The LA Lakers appear to be interested.

The New York Knicks are sitting in a playoff spot and will be looking to move up in the standings as the NBA season moves along. They are just looking to move on from Cam Reddish.

For whatever reason, Cam Reddish has not worked out in New York. Reddish looked like a guy who bought into the Knicks system & was ready to play up to his potential. He was great. Now he is just riding the pine in New York.

Knicks want a second round pick for Cam Reddish

Michael Kaskey-Blomain of CBS Sports reports the New York Knicks are looking to get two second-round draft picks in a Cam Reddish trade.

Kaskey-Blomain went on to say in his piece that other NBA General Managers believe just one second round pick for Reddish will get a deal done.

Reddish needs a change of scenery and one team that does have interest in a Cam Reddish trade is the L.A. Lakers.

Want to watch Cam Reddish on TV? View the Knicks game on TV tonight.

What are fans saying about a Cam Reddish trade?

Shameful G League hogwash like McBride and no defense Fournier are getting minutes over Cam Reddish, who was improving plenty when he was receiving minutes. Thibs is certainly not the right coach for this Knicks club!!!

There is obviously something behind the scenes here. Who knows. Let’s keep in mind Atlanta didn’t want him either.

Problem with cam y’all don’t seem to realize is that he doesn’t play within his role then when things don’t go his way he stops trying

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