Detroit Tigers TV Schedule 2024: Game Times & Channels

Are you a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan ready to roar? Then you need the complete Detroit Tigers TV schedule! Never miss a thrilling inning with our easy-to-follow guide.

What Channel is the Tigers Game on Today?

The majority of Detroit Tigers games are broadcast on Bally Sports Detroit. If you’re wondering “What time is the Detroit Tigers game tonight?” or need channel info for specific games, check out the official MLB website.

Detroit Tigers Streaming Options

Cut the cord and still catch every Tigers game! Bally Sports+ is the dedicated streaming platform for Bally Sports, bringing you live Tigers action. Other streaming services that may offer Bally Sports Detroit include:

  • DirecTV Stream
  • FuboTV
  • YouTube TV

Is the Tigers Game on the Radio?

Absolutely! Tune in to WXYT 97.1 FM (The Ticket) to catch all Tigers games on the radio.

Detroit Tigers Preseason and Playoff Schedules

Get ready for the whole season! Find the Detroit Tigers preseason TV schedule and stay up-to-date on any playoff TV schedule announcements on the MLB website.

Your Ultimate Detroit Tigers Source

We’re not just about TV schedules! On our website, you’ll find the latest Detroit Tigers news, in-depth Tigers salary cap analysis, expert Fantasy MLB predictions, and a full guide to watching MLB games today on TV.

Where to Watch the Detroit Tigers Games Today

DATETigers game todayTIME ETTV
Thu, Mar 28@ Chicago4:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Mar 30@ Chicago2:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Mar 31@ Chicago2:10 PMBSDET
Mon, Apr 1@ New York7:10 PMBSDET
Tue, Apr 2@ New York7:10 PMBSDET
Wed, Apr 3@ New York7:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Apr 5vs Oakland1:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Apr 6vs Oakland1:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Apr 7vs Oakland1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Apr 8@ Pittsburgh6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Apr 9@ Pittsburgh12:35 PMBSDET
Thu, Apr 11vs Minnesota1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Apr 12vs Minnesota6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Apr 13vs Minnesota1:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Apr 14vs Minnesota1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Apr 15vs Texas6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Apr 16vs Texas1:10 PMBSDET
Wed, Apr 17vs Texas1:10 PMBSDET
Thu, Apr 18vs Texas1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Apr 19@ Minnesota8:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Apr 20@ Minnesota2:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Apr 21@ Minnesota2:10 PMBSDET
Mon, Apr 22@ Tampa Bay6:50 PMBSDET
Tue, Apr 23@ Tampa Bay6:50 PMBSDET
Wed, Apr 24@ Tampa Bay6:50 PMBSDET
Fri, Apr 26vs Kansas City1:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Apr 27vs Kansas City6:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Apr 28vs Kansas City1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Apr 29vs St. Louis6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Apr 30vs St. Louis6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, May 1vs St. Louis1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, May 3@ New York7:05 PMBSDET
Sat, May 4@ New York1:05 PMBSDET
Sun, May 5@ New York1:35 PMBSDET
Mon, May 6@ Cleveland6:10 PMBSDET
Tue, May 7@ Cleveland6:10 PMBSDET
Wed, May 8@ Cleveland1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, May 10vs Houston6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, May 11vs Houston6:10 PMBSDET
Sun, May 12vs Houston1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, May 13vs Miami6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, May 14vs Miami6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, May 15vs Miami1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, May 17@ Arizona9:40 PMBSDET
Sat, May 18@ Arizona8:10 PMBSDET
Sun, May 19@ Arizona4:10 PMBSDET
Mon, May 20@ Kansas City7:40 PMBSDET
Tue, May 21@ Kansas City7:40 PMBSDET
Wed, May 22@ Kansas City2:10 PMBSDET
Thu, May 23vs Toronto6:40 PMBSDET
Fri, May 24vs Toronto6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, May 25vs Toronto1:10 PMBSDET
Sun, May 26vs Toronto1:40 PMBSDET
Tue, May 28vs Pittsburgh6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, May 29vs Pittsburgh1:10 PMBSDET
Thu, May 30@ Boston7:10 PMBSDET
Fri, May 31@ Boston7:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Jun 1@ Boston4:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Jun 2@ Boston1:35 PMBSDET
Mon, Jun 3@ Texas8:05 PMBSDET
Tue, Jun 4@ Texas8:05 PMBSDET
Wed, Jun 5@ Texas8:05 PMBSDET
Fri, Jun 7vs Milwaukee6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Jun 8vs Milwaukee4:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Jun 9vs Milwaukee1:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Jun 11vs Washington6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Jun 12vs Washington6:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Jun 13vs Washington1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Jun 14@ Houston8:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Jun 15@ Houston4:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Jun 16@ Houston2:10 PMBSDET
Mon, Jun 17@ Atlanta7:20 PMBSDET
Tue, Jun 18@ Atlanta7:20 PMBSDET
Wed, Jun 19@ Atlanta12:20 PMBSDET
Fri, Jun 21vs Chicago6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Jun 22vs Chicago1:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Jun 23vs Chicago1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Jun 24vs Philadelphia6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Jun 25vs Philadelphia6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Jun 26vs Philadelphia1:10 PMBSDET
Thu, Jun 27@ Los Angeles9:38 PMBSDET
Fri, Jun 28@ Los Angeles9:38 PMBSDET
Sat, Jun 29@ Los Angeles10:07 PMBSDET
Sun, Jun 30@ Los Angeles4:07 PMBSDET
Tue, Jul 2@ Minnesota7:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Jul 3@ Minnesota8:10 PMBSDET
Thu, Jul 4@ Minnesota2:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Jul 5@ Cincinnati7:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Jul 6@ Cincinnati4:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Jul 7@ Cincinnati1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Jul 8vs Cleveland6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Jul 9vs Cleveland6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Jul 10vs Cleveland6:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Jul 11vs Cleveland1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Jul 12vs Los Angeles6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Jul 13vs Los Angeles1:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Jul 14vs Los Angeles1:40 PMBSDET
Fri, Jul 19@ Toronto7:07 PMBSDET
Sat, Jul 20@ Toronto3:07 PMBSDET
Sun, Jul 21@ Toronto1:37 PMBSDET
Mon, Jul 22@ Cleveland6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Jul 23@ Cleveland6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Jul 24@ Cleveland6:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Jul 25@ Cleveland1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Jul 26vs Minnesota6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Jul 27vs Minnesota6:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Jul 28vs Minnesota1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Jul 29vs Cleveland6:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Jul 30vs Cleveland1:10 PMBSDET
Thu, Aug 1vs Kansas City6:40 PMBSDET
Fri, Aug 2vs Kansas City6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Aug 3vs Kansas City6:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Aug 4vs Kansas City1:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Aug 6@ Seattle9:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Aug 7@ Seattle9:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Aug 8@ Seattle9:40 PMBSDET
Fri, Aug 9@ San Francisco10:15 PMBSDET
Sat, Aug 10@ San Francisco4:05 PMBSDET
Sun, Aug 11@ San Francisco4:05 PMBSDET
Tue, Aug 13vs Seattle6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Aug 14vs Seattle6:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Aug 15vs Seattle1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Aug 16vs New York6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Aug 17vs New York1:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Aug 18vs New York *7:00 PMBSDET
Tue, Aug 20@ Chicago8:05 PMBSDET
Wed, Aug 21@ Chicago8:05 PMBSDET
Thu, Aug 22@ Chicago2:20 PMBSDET
Fri, Aug 23@ Chicago8:10 PMBSDET
Sat, Aug 24@ Chicago7:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Aug 25@ Chicago2:10 PMBSDET
Mon, Aug 26@ Chicago8:10 PMBSDET
Tue, Aug 27vs Los Angeles6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Aug 28vs Los Angeles6:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Aug 29vs Los Angeles1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Aug 30vs Boston6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Aug 31vs Boston6:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Sep 1vs Boston1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Sep 2@ San Diego6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Sep 4@ San Diego9:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Sep 5@ San Diego8:40 PMBSDET
Fri, Sep 6@ Oakland9:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Sep 7@ Oakland4:07 PMBSDET
Sun, Sep 8@ Oakland4:07 PMBSDET
Tue, Sep 10vs Colorado6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Sep 11vs Colorado6:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Sep 12vs Colorado1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Sep 13vs Baltimore6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Sep 14vs Baltimore6:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Sep 15vs Baltimore1:40 PMBSDET
Mon, Sep 16@ Kansas City7:40 PMBSDET
Tue, Sep 17@ Kansas City7:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Sep 18@ Kansas City7:40 PMBSDET
Fri, Sep 20@ Baltimore7:05 PMBSDET
Sat, Sep 21@ Baltimore4:05 PMBSDET
Sun, Sep 22@ Baltimore1:35 PMBSDET
Tue, Sep 24vs Tampa Bay6:40 PMBSDET
Wed, Sep 25vs Tampa Bay6:40 PMBSDET
Thu, Sep 26vs Tampa Bay1:10 PMBSDET
Fri, Sep 27vs Chicago6:40 PMBSDET
Sat, Sep 28vs Chicago1:10 PMBSDET
Sun, Sep 29vs Chicago3:10 PMBSDET