Oakland Athletics TV Schedule 2023

View the Oakland A’s TV Schedule 2023. Find the Athletics channel and what network they are playing on.

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Oakland A’s game today are broadcast and streaming on NBCS-CA, TBS, FOX, Apple TV+, Peacock, ESPN and MLB Network.

Oakland A’s game today: Spring training and regular season A’s Schedule

The Oakland Athletics spring training schedule 2023 starts on Saturday February 25, 2023 at home against the Arizona Diamondbacks with the first pitch at 3:05pm ET on NBCS-CA.

The Athletics opening day 2023 begins at home against the Los Angeles Angels on Thursday March 30, 2023. The first pitch is slated to begin at 4:15pm ET on NBCS-CA.

The Oakland A’s end their 2023 MLB regular season on the road against the LA Angels on Sunday October 1, 2023. The first pitch is slated to begin at 4:00pm ET on NBCS-CA.

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Oakland Athletics Schedule 2023 | A’s Game Today

DATEA's game todayTIME PTTV
Thu, 3/30LA Angels 7:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 4/1LA Angels 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 4/2LA Angels 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 4/3Cleveland 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 4/4Cleveland 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 4/5Cleveland 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 4/7at Tampa Bay 3:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 4/8at Tampa Bay 1:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 4/9at Tampa Bay 10:10 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 4/10at Baltimore 3:35 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 4/11at Baltimore 3:35 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 4/12at Baltimore 3:35 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 4/13at Baltimore 10:05 AMNBCS-CA
Fri, 4/14NY Mets 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 4/15NY Mets 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 4/16NY Mets 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 4/17Chi. Cubs 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 4/18Chi. Cubs 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 4/19Chi. Cubs 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 4/21at Texas 5:05 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 4/22at Texas 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 4/23at Texas 11:35 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 4/24at LA Angels 6:38 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 4/25at LA Angels 6:38 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 4/26at LA Angels 6:38 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 4/27at LA Angels 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 4/28Cincinnati 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 4/29Cincinnati 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 4/30Cincinnati 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 5/2Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 5/3Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 5/4Seattle 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 5/5at Kansas City 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 5/6at Kansas City 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 5/7at Kansas City 11:10 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 5/8at NY Yankees 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 5/9at NY Yankees 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 5/10at NY Yankees 9:35 AMNBCS-CA
Thu, 5/11Texas 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 5/12Texas 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 5/13Texas 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 5/14Texas 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 5/15Arizona 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 5/16Arizona 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 5/17Arizona 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 5/19at Houston 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 5/20at Houston 1:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 5/21at Houston 11:10 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 5/22at Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 5/23at Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 5/24at Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 5/25at Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 5/26Houston 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 5/27Houston 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 5/28Houston 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 5/29Atlanta 5:07 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 5/30Atlanta 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 5/31Atlanta 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 6/2at Miami 3:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 6/3at Miami 1:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 6/4at Miami 10:40 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 6/5at Pittsburgh 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 6/6at Pittsburgh 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 6/7at Pittsburgh 9:35 AMNBCS-CA
Fri, 6/9at Milwaukee 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 6/10at Milwaukee 1:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 6/11at Milwaukee 11:10 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 6/12Tampa Bay 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 6/13Tampa Bay 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 6/14Tampa Bay 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 6/15Tampa Bay 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 6/16Philadelphia 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 6/17Philadelphia 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 6/18Philadelphia 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 6/20at Cleveland 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 6/21at Cleveland 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 6/22at Cleveland 10:10 AMNBCS-CA
Fri, 6/23at Toronto 4:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 6/24at Toronto 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 6/25at Toronto 10:37 AMNBCS-CA
Tue, 6/27NY Yankees 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 6/28NY Yankees 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 6/29NY Yankees 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 6/30Chi. White Sox 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 7/1Chi. White Sox 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 7/2Chi. White Sox 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 7/4at Detroit 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 7/5at Detroit 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 7/6at Detroit 10:10 AMNBCS-CA
Fri, 7/7at Boston 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 7/8at Boston 1:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 7/9at Boston 10:35 AMNBCS-CA
Fri, 7/14Minnesota 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 7/15Minnesota 4:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 7/16Minnesota 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 7/17Boston 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 7/18Boston 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 7/19Boston 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 7/20Houston 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 7/21Houston 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 7/22Houston 6:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 7/23Houston 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 7/25at San Francisco 6:45 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 7/26at San Francisco 6:45 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 7/28at Colorado 5:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 7/29at Colorado 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 7/30at Colorado 12:10 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 8/1at LA Dodgers 7:10 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 8/2at LA Dodgers 7:10 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 8/3at LA Dodgers 7:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 8/5San Francisco 4:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 8/6San Francisco 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 8/7Texas 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 8/8Texas 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 8/9Texas 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 8/11at Washington 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 8/12at Washington 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 8/13at Washington 10:35 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 8/14at St. Louis 4:45 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 8/15at St. Louis 4:45 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 8/16at St. Louis 3:45 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 8/18Baltimore 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 8/19Baltimore 6:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 8/20Baltimore 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 8/21Kansas City 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 8/22Kansas City 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 8/23Kansas City 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 8/24at Chi. White Sox 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 8/25at Chi. White Sox 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 8/26at Chi. White Sox 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 8/27at Chi. White Sox 11:10 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 8/28at Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 8/29at Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 8/30at Seattle 1:10 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 9/1LA Angels 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 9/2LA Angels 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 9/3LA Angels 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 9/4Toronto 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 9/5Toronto 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 9/6Toronto 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 9/8at Texas 5:05 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 9/9at Texas 4:05 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 9/10at Texas 11:35 AMNBCS-CA
Mon, 9/11at Houston 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 9/12at Houston 5:10 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 9/13at Houston 4:10 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 9/15San Diego 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 9/16San Diego 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 9/17San Diego 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Mon, 9/18Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 9/19Seattle 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 9/20Seattle 12:37 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 9/21Detroit 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Fri, 9/22Detroit 6:40 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 9/23Detroit 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 9/24Detroit 1:07 PMNBCS-CA
Tue, 9/26at Minnesota 4:40 PMNBCS-CA
Wed, 9/27at Minnesota 4:40 PMNBCS-CA
Thu, 9/28at Minnesota 10:10 AMNBCS-CA
Fri, 9/29at LA Angels 6:38 PMNBCS-CA
Sat, 9/30at LA Angels 6:07 PMNBCS-CA
Sun, 10/1at LA Angels 12:07 PMNBCS-CA