Picture of Draymond Green stepping on Domantas Sabonis.
Draymod Green has been suspended one game for stepping on Sacramento Kings player Domantas Sabonis.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has received a one-game suspension for stepping on the chest of the Sacramento Kings’ player Domantas Sabonis.

What lead to Green stepping on Sabonis’ chest?

Sabonis slipped and fell in the paint, he grabbed Green’s right leg. Green initially shook off Sabonis’ grip and then took a hard step right on Sabonis’ chest.

The hard step resulted in a bruised chest for Sabonis and he is questionable to play in game 3 against the Golden State Warriors.

Green was selected by the Golden State Warriors in the second round of the 2012 NBA Draft. He quickly established himself as a versatile player who could play multiple positions and contribute in various ways. He has won three NBA championships with the Warriors and has been named to the NBA All-Defensive Team five times.

Green is known for his fiery personality on the court and his ability to play tough defense. He is also a skilled passer and rebounder, and has been recognized for his high basketball IQ. Green has been named an NBA All-Star five times and was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2017.

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What are NBA fans saying about the Draymond Green suspension?

Green stomped on another player’s chest and then jumped off of him in a nationally televised playoff game. Of course he got suspended.

Sabonis literally slid right under his foot. so dumb. let the boys play

He wasn’t the only one at fault. You could say the incident would have never happened if it wasn’t for Sabonis grabbing his leg.


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