NCAA Men's Basketball Final 2023 lowest viewed finals ever.
The NCAA Men's Basketball Final 2023 between the University of Connecticut and San Diego State was the lowest view finals ever.

The NCAA basketball finals between San Diego State and the University of Connecticut served up the lowest rated ever NCAA Men’s basketball final.

Viewers in the tune of 14.693 million watched the SDSU/UConn championship. Of note, this game was more watched than any NBA Championship finals game last year.

Want to know what are the most watched NCAA men’s basketball finals games ever. View the list below.

Top 10 highest-rated men’s NCAA finals basketball games

Here are the top 10 highest-rated men’s NCAA finals basketball games based on Nielsen ratings:

  1. 1979: Magic Johnson and Michigan State vs. Larry Bird and Indiana State – 24.1 rating
  2. 1992: Duke vs. Michigan – 20.5 rating
  3. 1993: North Carolina vs. Michigan – 19.5 rating
  4. 1982: North Carolina vs. Georgetown – 18.6 rating
  5. 1983: North Carolina State vs. Houston – 18.1 rating
  6. 1999: Connecticut vs. Duke – 17.2 rating
  7. 1991: Duke vs. Kansas – 16.6 rating
  8. 1989: Michigan vs. Seton Hall – 16.2 rating
  9. 1997: Arizona vs. Kentucky – 15.6 rating
  10. 1987: Indiana vs. Syracuse – 15.0 rating

It’s important to note that these ratings reflect viewership in the United States and may not reflect global viewership.

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