Aaron Rodgers trade to the NY Jets
The New York Jets have interest in an Aaron Rodgers trade. It would cost multiple first round picks and more.

Did Aaron Rodgers play his last game as a Packer against the Detroit Lions a few weeks back. Trade chatter around the NFL seems to think so and there will be a handful of teams interested in his services.

Rodgers, 39, still have some good football left in the tank and teams will be willing to pay for Rodgers to be on their team.

Aaron Rodgers on the trade block

One team that wants to make an Aaron Rodgers trade is the New York Jets.

Rodgers recently stated, if Packers management feel like it was in the best interests of the team to move forward, so be it. Again, that wouldn’t offend me, and it wouldn’t make me feel like a victim. I wouldn’t have any animosity towards the team.

Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic reports it would cost the NY Jets multiple first-round picks, and probably more to complete a Rodgers trade.

Five other teams have interest in a Aaron Rodgers trade

  1. Vegas Raiders: A reunion with wide receiver Davante Adams.
  2. Miami Dolphins: The best supporting cast on this list.
  3. New England Patriots: Not a better overall roster than the Jets, but they do have Bill Belichick, a top-level defense and better offensive line.
  4. Tennessee Titans: Derrick Henry, good coaching and a solid defense — though a severe lack of pass-catchers.
  5. Indianapolis Colts: A team in disarray, but they do have some pieces on offense and defense.

Want to watch Aaron Rodgers on TV? View the Packers game on TV tonight.

What are fans saying about an Aaron Rodgers trade to the New York Jets

Any team that would take him would have to realize they are getting an ego writing checks that his body can’t cash, a primadonna who insists on being the center of attention

I may be in the minority here, but as a New York Jets fan, I don’t want Rodgers, especially at the cost of two first round picks and damaging the cap. 

I have no faith in the NY Jets’ coaching staff or line and think this would be an error. Multiple first round picks is too steep, and a playoff loss in an early round seems like a stretch goal.

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