Chris Godwin trade to the NY Giants
Are the New York Giants interested in trading for Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to shed salary as they are $55.7 million over the 2023 NFL salary cap and a big chunk of that money comes from what they still owe Tom Brady, which is $35.1 million.

The Buccaneers have an excellent receiving corps and they are not going to trade Mike Evans so that leaves Chris Godwin as the odd man out.

Chris Godwin destined to be a New York Giant?

Trading Chris Godwin will free up $9 million in Tampa Bay Buccaneers salary cap room. What team is in need off a #1 receiver? It is the New York Giants.

Bill Barnwell of ESPN reports the NY Giants have the #25 draft pick and they could offer that pick to the Buccaneers in a Godwin trade.

Giants QB Daniel Jones needs a #1 receiver and Godwin makes the most sense for the team to help them in their goal of becoming Super Bowl contenders.

Want to watch Chris Godwin on TV? View the Buccaneers game on TV today.

What are NY Giants fans saying about a Chris Godwin trade

Chris Godwin will be a Giant. Want to speak it to existence. Buccaneers having to start over should make him available for a trade.

Can’t see them trading and taking on salary. Would think they look for wrs in the draft. If they are going to pay Saquon and or DJ would seem that money would be better spent on an ILB. You can always find WR in the draft.

I would really love Chris Godwin. I think in the NY spotlight he would rise on the list of top NFL WRs.

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