Picture of Rudy Gay. He has signed a 1-year contract with the Golden State Warriors.
In recent Golden State Warriors news power forward Rudy Gay has signed a 1-year contract worth $3,196,448 with the team.

In recent Golden State Warriors news, it has been announced that they have signed small forward Rudy Gay to a one-year contract valued at $3,196,448 million.

Was this a huge overpay for Gay, or is he worth every penny? I will let you decide in the comments below.

At the 2006 NBA entry draft, the Houston Rockets selected Rudy Gay in the first round as the 8th overall pick. Throughout his 18-season career, he has signed 8 contracts worth a total value of $211,952,884.

Gay’s new contract does not feature any incentives.

What does the Rudy Gay contract mean for the Golden State Warriors?

To get an idea of how Rudy Gay’s contract impacts the Golden State Warriors’ projected cap space for the 2023-24 season, check out the updated salary cap information for the team.

The Flames currently have $-75,262,988 available cap space for the coming season.

Want to watch Rudy Gay on TV? View the Warriors game on TV tonight.

Rudy Gay contract breakdown



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