Super Bowl 57 TV Ratings
Super Bowl 57 was the 3rd most watched Super Bowl in history with over 112 million viewers watching the big game.

Super Bowl 57 was a television hit for FOX. The game that featured the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Philadelphia Eagles had a viewing audience of 113 million making it the 3rd most watch Super Bowl of all-time.

The halftime show was also a ratings hit for FOX as the show showcasing Rihanna averaged 118.7 million viewers, making it the second most-watched performance in Super Bowl history.

Even the ladies were into the Super Bowl half-time show trying to figure out if Rihanna was pregnant or not. She is.

Another interesting tidbit about Super Bowl LVII was the game was the most-streamed Super Bowl in history, with an average of 7 million people watching via internet-based services.

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What are the top 10 most watched Super Bowls off all-time?

Super BowlDateNetworkAvg. viewers
XLIX (49)February 1, 2015NBC114.44
XLVIII (48)February 2, 2014Fox112.19
LVII (57)February 12, 2023Fox112.17
L (50)February 7, 2016CBS111.86
XLVI (46)February 5, 2012NBC111.35
LI (51)February 5, 2017Fox111.32
XLV (45)February 6, 2011Fox111.04
XLVII (47)February 3, 2013CBS108.69
XLIV (44)February 7, 2010CBS106.48
LII (52)February 4, 2018NBC103.47

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