Oakland A's relocation to Vegas rumors
Will the Oakland A's relocate to Las Vegas. Attendance has been horrid, their stadium is falling apart. Is the team destined for Vegas?

Las Vegas has shown it can support professional sports teams with the huge success of the NHL Las Vegas Golden Knights and the NFL Vegas Raiders.

The Golden Knights were an expansion franchise and have been one of the top drawing teams in the NHL since it entered the league in 2017.

The Oakland Raiders relocated to Las Vegas in 2020 with a fantastic new NFL stadium and have been another huge success. They are hosting the Super Bowl in 2024.

“Las Vegas offers a dynamic that no other team has. We have 45 million visitors annually in this market, and that’s what we want — heads in beds. That’s what Las Vegas is about.”

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Las Vegas wants the Oakland A’s to relocate the franchise

The Oakland A’s have played in the Oakland Coliseum since moving from Kansas City in 1968. They are desperate for a new stadium but Las Vegas says for the franchise to be relevant you need to be competitive and a new stadium in Las Vegas, in a new market, might allow for that.

Vegas officials have stated that potential stadium sites include the current locations of the Rio and Tropicana resorts.

What are A’s fans saying about a potential relocation of the Oakland A’s to Vegas?

The A’s need to relocate now! Their stadium is collapsing and is infested with possums.

The A’s are staying in Oakland. Las Vegas wants an NBA franchise over an MLB franchise. I do not want to see my beloved A’s leave!

Oakland A’s we’re dead last in attendance in 2022. They have not eclipsed an average of 25,000/year in the past 30 years! Move them already!

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