Russell Westbrook trade to Jazz or Hornets
The LA Lakers are looking to unload Russell Westbrook and the Utah Jazz and Charlotte Hornets are interested.

The LA Lakers are looking to unload Russell Westbrook and make another significant trade in the hopes of making the playoffs and for Lebron James to seek another NBA Championship.

The Lakers, sitting two games out of a playoff spot with a 25-29 record will hope for a turn a fortunes in the last 28 games to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Jazz and Hornets interested in a Russell Westbrook trade

The LA Lakers are looking to upgrade their lineup but they need to find a team willing to take on Russell Westbrooks $47 million salary.

Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports reports Lakers management has held trade discussions with the Utah Jazz and Charlotte Hornets about a Westbrook trade.

The Lakers will likely have to ship one or two first round draft picks along with Westbrook for a trade to be completed.

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What are fans saying about a Russell Westbrook trade

If Westbrook is not gone by Thursday I’m not watching another Laker game until him, Pelinka and Ham are gone.

I been one of the biggest Westbrook critics through his career and I am actually fully in support of him now. He has humbled himself so much this year. He has adjusted his game, taken a new role on the team off the bench, etc. yes he still makes mistakes but his kindest changed.

One thing can’t NOBODY say about Westbrook is that he’s unprofessional or a bad teammate. No matter what he gone give it 110% every night.

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