Fred VanVleet trade rumors
The Toronto Raptors are getting calls about a Fred VanVleet trade. Will Raptors management trade him or re-sign him in the offseason?

The Toronto Raptors are looking to clean house. O.G. Anunoby is already on the trade block and the Raptors have been offered three first round picks for his services.

Another players that Raptors management is getting calls about is point guard Fred VanVleet.

Fred VanVleet on the trade block

CBS Sports is reporting there’s an inherent risk in investing multiple draft picks and a long-term contract in a player like VanVleet. If VanVleet is on his game, he is worth every pick a team will give up but if he continues being off his game, it will be a risky trade for a team that acquires VanVleet.

The LA Clippers are one team that has serious interest in a Fred VanVleet trade and Kawhi Leonard has made it clear to the Clippers front office he wants a point guard addition to the team for a playoff run.

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What are Fans saying about a Fred VanVleet trade

Fred VanVleet has become a Band-Aid who sits more than he plays and when he does play, you get one good game out of him for every 5 played. Take what you can get for him, preferably someone that doesn’t need load managing.

Yes. Trade him. He’s coasted last 3 seasons off 2019 accomplishments. He doesn’t fit team core and he could get some good picks

If they don’t, I will have lost all faith in Masai. It’s a no-brainer. Obviously they will not pay him next year, so get something now.


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